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Read Your Way Through Canadian History with Children's Literature

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Chronological History Reading List

Native Indians
Early Exploration
New France
Fur Trade
7 Years War
United Empire Loyalists
Life In The 1700's
War of 1812
Underground Railroad
Rebellion 0f 1837
Western Exploration
Opening of The West
Settling of The West
1866- Fenian Uprising
Reil Rebellion
Arctic Exploration
BC Gold Rush
Klondike Gold Rush
Life In The 1800's
The Depression (1930's)
Life In The 1900's - Pre WWII
Post WWII - Modern History
Narrative Text That Cover Range of History

A message from Nicola: Hopefully this listing will help you while you study Canadian History. This was continually a work in progress for me and I added to it as I found appropriate books.

The Grades suggested are for Reading Levels only. I would also like to thank my friends on the SLCanada E-Mail Loop for their wonderful suggestions.


The Chippewa Indians Rice Gatherers of the Great LakesSonia BleekerGr. 3+
Eagle MaskJames HoustonGr. 3+
A Horse for Running BuffaloMadeline FreemanGr. 5+
I am an IndianKent Gooderham
Indian CaptiveLois LenskiGr. 4+
Many Beavers: The Story of a Cree Indian BoyHenry Sinclair DragoGr. 3+
Mouse Woman and the Mischief-MakersChristie HarrisGr. 5+
The Native PeoplesRobert Livesey & A.G. SmithGr. 4+
NkwalaEdith Lambert SharpGr. 4+
O Children of the Wind and Pines Laura Nelson Baker
Once More Upon a TotemChristie HarrisGr. 5+
People of the Trail (How the Northern Forest Indians Lived)Robin & Jillian Ridington
Raven's CryChristie HarrisGr. 5+
Sacred FeathersSmithGr. 9+
The Sea Hunter Indians of the Northwest CoastSonia BleekerGr. 3+
SweetgrassJan HudsonGr. 5+
Tales the Totems TellHugh WeatherbyGr. 4+
Thunder in the MountainsHilda Mary HookeGr. 3+
Totem Tipi and Tumpline: Stories of Canadian IndiansOlive Fisher & Clare TynerGr. 4+
The Whale PeopleR. Haig BrownGr. 5+
White MistBarbara SmuckerGr. 4+
White Slaves of the NootkasJohn R. JewittGr. 5+


The Adventures of OolakukRobert A. Ruttan
AkavakJames HoustonGr. 3+
The Eskimo: Arctic Hunters and TrappersSonia BleekerGr. 3+
The First Book of EskimosBenjamin Brewster
Houses of Snow, Skin and BonesBonnie ShemieGr. 3+
Igloo KillinekKenneth C. Butler
Tikta'liktakJames HoustonGr. 3+
The White ArcherJames HoustonGr. 3+
Wolf Run: A Caribou Eskimo TaleJames HoustonGr. 5+


A Door To the North Elizabeth Coatsworth
The Dream CarversJoan ClarkGr. 9+
Lief Erikson The LuckyMalcolm C. JensonGr. 3+
Lief Eriksson-First Voyager to AmericaKatherine B. ShippenGr. 4+
Lief the LuckyIngri & Edgar D'AulaireGr. 3+
Leif the Lucky, Discoverer of AmericaErick BerryGr. 2-6
Snori and the StrangersNathaniel BenchleyGr. 1-3
The Story of Rolf and the Viking BowAllen FrenchGr. 5+
Viking AdventureClyde Robert BullaGr. 2+
The VikingsRobert Livesey & A.G. SmithGr. 4+
The VikingsElizabeth JanewayGr. 3+


And Tomorrow The Stars: The Story of John CabotKay Hill
Bay of the North - The Story of Pierre RadissonRonald SymeGr. 3+
Captured By the MohawksSterling NorthGr. 4+
Cartier, Finder of the St. LawrenceRonald SymeGr. 3+
Cartier Sails the St. LawrenceEsther AverillGr. 4+
Champlain, Father of New FranceCecile Pepin EdwardsGr. 3+
Champlain of the St. LawrenceRonald SymeGr. 3+
A Dog Came, Too: A True StoryAinslee MansonGr. 1-3
The First CanadianC.T. RitchieGr. 5+
The French Explorers in AmericaWalter Buehr
Fur and GoldRoderick Haig-Brown
Henry HudsonRonald SymeGr. 3+
Henry Hudson, Captain of Icebound SeasCarl CarmerGr. 2-6
He Went with ChamplainLouise Andrews KentGr. 4+
John and Sebastian CabotHenry Ira Kurtz
John Cabot and his Son SebastianRonald SymeGr. 3+
John Cabot & SonDavid Goodnough
Man From St. MaloRobert D. FergusonGr. 5+
Mutiny in the BayR.S. LambertGr. 5+
The Pathfinders of North AmericaEdwin GuilletGr. 4+
Redcoat SailorR.S. LambertGr. 5+
River of CanadaThomas Bredin
Runner of the WoodsC.T. RitchieGr. 5+


The Dangerous CoveJohn F. HayesGr. 5+
Escape from Grand PreFrances C. ThompsonGr. 2-4
Evangeline and the AcadiansRobert TallantGr. 3+
The Hand of Robin SquiresJoan ClarkGr. 5+
A Land DividedJohn F. HayesGr. 5+
Prisoner in LouisbourgZillah & Colin MacdonaldGr. 5+
A Proper AcadianM.A. Downie & G. RawlykGr. 3+
Secret Under the WhirlpoolElaine Breault HammondGr. 5+
Streets of GoldGeorge RawlykGr. 2-4


Anna and the IndiansNan Shipley
Father Gabriel's CloakBeulah Garland SwayzeGr. 2-4
Frontenac and the IroquoisFred SwayzeGr. 5+
Frontenac of New FranceRonald SymeGr. 3+
Journey into DangerTheodora HerapathGr. 5+
The King's DaughterSuzanne MartelGr. 5+
The King's LoonMary Alice DownieGr. 3+
The Last ShipMary Alice DownieGr. 2-4
Madeleine Takes CommandEthel C. BrillGr. 4+
New FranceRobert Livesey & A.G. SmithGr. 4+
Pioneer Settlers of New FranceJoan AndersonGr. 3+
Quest for the Golden GannettDorothy P. BarnhouseGr. 4+
Raiders of the MohawkOrlo MillerGr. 5+
The Sky CaribouMary HamiltonGr. 2-4
Soldier GirlRichard A. BoningGr. 3+
The St. Lawrence: Seaway of North AmericaAnne Terry WhiteGr. 3+
Time Traveler Book of New FranceMorris WernickGr. 3+
Tonty and the Iron HandFred SwayzeGr. 5+
The WapitiMonique CorriveauGr. 5+


Adventures from the BayClifford WilsonGr. 5+
The Fur TradersRobert Livesey & A.G. SmithGr. 4+
Fur TraderRobert D. FergusonGr. 5+
Fur Trader of the NorthRoanld SymeGr. 3+
Hudson's Bay CompanyRichard Morenus
The Last Fort Elizabeth Coatsworth
The Nor'WestersMarjorie Wilkins CampbellGr. 5+
With Pipe, Paddle and SongElizabeth Yates

(or as the Americans call it "THE FRENCH & INDIAN WAR"

Battle For the RockJoseph SchullGr. 5+
Battle in the WildernessKonrad Kellen
Calico CaptiveElizabeth George SpeareGr. 5+
Drummer Boy For MontcalmWilma Pitchford HaysGr. 3+
The Gold-Laced CoatHelen Fuller OrtonGr. 4+
Pontiac: Mighty Ottawa ChiefVirginia F. Voight Gr. 2-6
With Wolfe in Quebec: The Winning of a ContinentG.A. Henty Gr. 6+


Beginning Again, Further Adventures of a Loyalist FamilyMary Beacock FryerGr. 5+
CharlotteJanet LunnGr. 2+
Drums of NiagaraEric AclandGr. 5+
Escape, Adventures of a Loyalist FamilyMary Beacock FryerGr. 5+
FlightConstance CrookGr. 4+
A Hollow TreeJanet LunnGr. 4+
Honor BoundMary Alice DownieGr. 3+
The Loyal RefugeesRobert Livesey & A.G. SmithGr. 4+
Meyer's CreekConstance CrookGr. 4+
On Loyalist TrailsJohn F. HayesGr. 5+


Medicine Maid - The Life Story of a Canadian PioneerE.L. Hoople

WAR OF 1812   

1812: Jeremy and the GeneralJohn IbbotsonGr. 6+
The Battle of Lake EriePierre BertonGr. 4+
Canada Under SiegePierre BertonGr. 4+
The Capture of DetroitPierre BertonGr. 4+
The Death of Isaac BrockPierre BertonGr. 4+
The Death of TecumsehPierre BertonGr. 4+
The DefendersRobert Livesey & A.G. SmithGr. 4+
Fire ShipMarianne BrandisGr. 4+
General Brock and Niagara FallsSamuel Hopkins AdamsGr. 3+
The Good SoldierD.J. GoodspeedGr. 5+
Laura's ChoiceConstance CrookGr. 4+
The Other ElizabethKarleen BradfordGr. 3+
Revenge of the TribesPierre BertonGr. 4+
The Rowboat WarFred SwayzeGr. 5+
The Soldier's SonTerry LeederGr. 3+
Son of the HoundsRobert SutherlandGr. 6+
The Story of the War of 1812Colonel Red ReederGr. 4+
TecumsehLuella Bruce CreightonGr. 5+
Treason at YorkJohn F. HayesGr. 5+


Adventure at the MillBarbara & Heather BramwellGr. 2-4
BradyJean FritzGr. 4+
Dark of the MoonBarbara Haworth-AttardGr. 5+
The House of Good SpiritsDonn KushnerGr. 7+
If You Traveled on the Underground RailroadEllen LevineGr. 3+
The Last Safe HouseBarbara GreenwoodGr. 3+
North Winds Blow FreeElizabeth HowardGr. 6+
Underground to Canada - Lesson PlanBarbara SmuckerGr. 5+


The Boy with an R in his HandJames ReaneyGr. 4+
Bright to the WandererBruce LancasterGr. 9+
A Question of Loyalty - Lesson PlanBarbara GreenwoodGr. 4+
Rebel on the TrailLynn CookGr. 4+
Rebel RunD. Harold TurnerGr. 5+
Rebels Ride at NightJohn F. HayesGr. 5+
The Stone Cottage MysteryJoyce BoyleGr. 5+


Alexander Mackenzie, Canadian ExplorerRonald SymeGr. 3+
Buckskin BrigadierEdward McCourtGr. 5+
Captain of the DiscoveryRoderick Haig-BrownGr. 5+
The Farthest ShoresRoderick Haig-Brown
From Sea to Sea: Alexander Mackenzie
The Map-MakerKerry WoodGr. 5+
The Savage River: Seventy-One Days With Simon FraserMarjorie Wilkins CampbellGr. 5+
Tales and Trails of Western CanadaNell Macvicar & Irene CraigGr. 4+
Vancouver, Explorer of the Pacific CoastRonald SymeGr. 3+


Buckskin ColonistJohn F. HayesGr. 5+
Bugles in the HillsJohn F. HayesGr. 5+
The Force Carries OnT. Morris LongstrethGr. 5+
The Men in Sheepskin CoatsPierre BertonGr. 4+
A Prairie NightmarePierre BertonGr. 4+
The Queen's CowboyKerry WoodGr. 5+
The Railway PathfindersPierre BertonGr. 4+
The RailwaysRobert Livesey & A.G. SmithGr. 4+
The Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceRichard L. NeubergerGr. 4+
The Scarlet ForceT. Morris LongstrethGr. 5+
Steel Across the PlainsPierre BertonGr. 4+


The Blonde VoyageurNan ShipleyGr. 7+
The Bold Heart Josephine PhelanGr. 5+
The Buffalo HuntDonald and Eleanor SwainsonGr. 2-4
Charles Bowen: Paul Bunyan of the Canadian WestW. Phillip KellerGr. 7+
The DollCora TaylorGr. 5+
The Great ChiefKerry WoodGr. 5+
Ian of Red RiverRagnhildur GuttormssonGr. 5+
Ida and the Wool SmugglersSue Ann AldersonGr. 1-3
PettranellaBetty WatertonPicture Book
Pioneer GirlMaryanne CaswellGr. 4+
Red River AdventureJ. W. ChalmersGr. 5+
Storm ChildBrenda BellinghamGr. 4+
Tell Me, GrandmotherLyn HancockGr. 5+
Westward Ho! 1903 Barbara Villy CormackGr. 6+
When Calls the HeartJanette OkeGr. 6+


Spy in the ShadowsBarbara GreenwoodGr. 5+
The Stone OrchardSusan E. MerritGr. 4+


Flaming PrairiesJohn F. HayesGr. 5+
On the Trail of Long Tom W.T. CuttGr. 7+
Perilous PrairieDickson Reynolds
Revolt in the WestEdward McCourtGr. 5+
Soldier BoysDavid RichardsGr. 6+
A Very Small RebellionJan TrussGr. 5+


Across Frozen SeasJon WilsonGr. 4+
Arctic AssignmentSGT. F.S. FarrarGr. 5+
Coppermine JourneyFarley MowatGr. 6+
Dr. Kane of the Arctic SeasPierre BertonGr. 4+
Jane Franklin's ObsessionPierre BertonGr. 4+
The Link Between the OceansLeslie H. Neatby
Mystery in the Frozen LandsMartyn GodfreyGr. 5+
On Foot to the ArcticRonald SymeGr. 3+
Parry of the ArcticPierre BertonGr. 4+
Trapped in the ArcticPierre BertonGr. 4+
The True NorthT.C. FarleyGr. 5+


Cariboo RunawayFrances DuncanGr. 4+
The Man with the Yellow EyesCatherine Anthony ClarkGr. 3+
Quest in the CaribooJohn F. HayesGr. 5+
West to the CaribooLorrie McLaughlinGr. 2-4


Before the Gold RushPierre BertonGr. 4+
The Bite of the Gold BugBarthe DeClementsGr. 3+
Bonanza GoldPierre BertonGr. 4+
City of GoldPierre BertonGr. 4+
The Cremation of Sam McGeeRobert W. ServiceGr. 5+
The Golden TrailPierre BertonGr. 5+
Gold-Fever TrailMonica HughesGr. 5+
Kings of the KlondikePierre BertonGr. 4+
The Klondike StampedePierre BertonGr. 4+
Martha Black, Gold Rush PioneerCarol Martin
Stampede NorthRuth FranchereGr. 5+
Trails of '98Pierre BertonGr. 4+
When Men Panned Gold in the KlondikeEdward C. JanesGr. 3+
Yukon River: An Adventure to the Gold Fields of the KlondikePeter LourieGr. 3+


Alexander Graham Bell, An Inventive LifeElizabeth MacLeodGr. 3+
Alexander Graham Bell, Man of Sound Elizabeth Rider MontgomeryGr. 2-6
All About Niagara FallsLinda GranfieldGr. 3+
The Back Woods of CanadaCatherine Parr TrailGr. 7+
The Belonging PlaceJean LittleGr. 3+
Beyond the WaterfallElaine Breault HammondGr. 5+
Canal BoyMarion GreeneGr. 5+
Danger in the CovesFrances C. ThompsonGr. 2-4
Danger on the TracksBill FreemanGr. 4+
Death Over MontrealGeoffrey BilsonGr. 4+
Eleanore's DiaryCaroline ParryGr. 5+
Eliza's Best WednesdayCatherine LalondeGr. 2+
First Lady of Upper CanadaFlorence McLaughlinGr. 5+
First Spring on the Grand BanksBill FreemanGr. 4+
Forgotten CanadiansHerbert Fairlie Wood
Glengarry School Days - Lesson PlanRalph ConnorGr. 7+
Harbour ThievesBill FreemanGr. 4+
Hester's SummerGordon CooperGr. 5+
LamplighterBernice Thurman HunterGr. 3+
The Last Voyage of the ScotianBill FreemanGr. 4+
Life in the Clearings Versus the BushSusannah MoodieGr. 7+
The Mennonite CanadiansJoanne Flint
Pioneer CraftsBarbara GreenwoodGr. 3+
A Pioneer Story: Daily Life of a Canadian Family in 1840Barbara GreenwoodGr. 3+
A Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of the Harvest CelebrationBarbara GreenwoodGr. 3+
The Pioneer YearsBarry BroadfootGr. 8+
Prairie Fire!Bill FreemanGr. 4+
The Quarter-Pie WindowMarianne BrandisGr. 6+
Red PaddlesIsabel M. ReekieGr. 5+
River RaceTony GermanGr. 5+
The Root CellarJanet LunnGr. 5+
Roughing It in the BushSusannah MoodieGr. 7+
The Secret of Willow CastleLyn Cook
Selina and the Bear Paw QuiltBarbara SmuckerGr. 2+
Selina and the Shoo-Fly PieBarbara SmuckerGr. 2+
Shantymen of Cache LakeBill FreemanGr. 4+
The Sign of the ScalesMarianne BrandisGr. 6+
The Talking WireO.J. StevensonGr. 4+
The Time of the WolfThomas A. MacDonaldGr. 4+
The TinderboxMarianne BrandisGr. 6+
The Tin-Lined TrunkMary HamiltonGr. 4+
Tom PennyTony GermanGr. 5+
Tom Penny and the Grand CanalTony GermanGr. 5+
Trail of FireB. J. BayleGr. 4+
The Tramp RoomNancy-Lou Patterson
Trouble at Lachine MillBill FreemanGr. 4+
The Value of Self-Discipline: The Story of Alexander Graham BellAnne Donnegan JohnsonGr. 2-4
Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in CanadaAnna Brownell JamesonGr. 7+
Within a Painted PastHazel J. HutchinsGr. 5+
The Yellow FlagSusanne McSweeneyGr. 2-4


Days of TerrorBarbara SmuckerGr. 4+
The Halifax DisasterErnest Fraser RobinsonGr. 5+
In Flanders FieldsLinda GranfieldGr. 3+
Knights of the AirJohn Norman HarrisGr. 5+
Rilla of InglesideL.M. MontgomeryGr. 5+


As for Me and My HouseSinclair RossGr. 9+
A Bird in the HouseMargaret LaurenceGr. 9+
BreakawayPaul YeeGr. 7+
Butter Down the Well: Reflections of a Canadian ChildhoodRobert CollinsGr. 7+
From AnnaJean LittleGr. 4+
Kaarina and the Sugar Bag VestIrma McDonough MilnesGr. 3+
MargyMargaret SmithGr. 4+
The Stone AngelMargaret LaurenceGr. 9+
Ten Lost Years, 1929-1939:
Memories of Canadians Who Survived the Depression
Barry BroadfootGr. 8+
That Scatterbrain Booky
With Love From Booky
As Ever, Booky
Bernice Thurman HunterGr. 4+
Who Has Seen the WindW.O. MitchellGr. 6+


Amy's PromiseBernice Thurman HunterGr. 4+
The AuctionJan AndrewsPicture Book
Belle's JourneyMarilynn ReynoldsPicture Book
Cache Lake Country: Life in the North WoodsJohn J. Rowlands
Emily Carr's WooConstance HorneGr. 3+
Frederick G. Banting: The Discoverer of InsulinI.E. LevineGr. 5+
Goodbye SarahGeoffrey BilsonGr. 4+
Grass Beyond The MountainsRichmond P. Hobson Jr
His Banner Over MeJean LittleGr. 4+
Home ChildBarbara Haworth-AttardGr. 4+
Josepha: A Prairie Boy's StoryJim McGuganGr. 4+
Klee WyckEmily CarrGr. 7+
Mrs. MikeNancy & Benedict FreedmanGr. 7+
Nellie L.Constance CrookGr. 4+
Nothing Too Good for a CowboyRichmond P. Hobson Jr
Pit PonyJoyce BarkhouseGr. 3+
A Place For Magaret
Margaret in the Middle
Margaret on Her Way
Bernice Thurman HinterGr. 4+
Promise SongLinda Holeman
The Rancher Takes a WifeRichmond P. Hobson Jr
They Called Her Mrs. DocJanette OkeGr. 6+
Thistle CreekNell HannaGr. 6+
Ticket to CurlewCelia Barker LottridgeGr. 4+
Trapped by CoalConstance HorneGr. 3+
Where the High Winds BlowBruce D. CampbellGr. 6+
Where the Saints Have TrodJudith St. JohnGr. 5+
The White Stone in the Castle WallSheldon ObermanPicture Book
The Wooden PeopleMyra PapernyGr. 4+
any titles L.M. MontgomeryGr. 6+
Wilderness Man: The Amzing True Story of Grey OwlLovat DicksonGr. 7+


Catch Me Once, Catch Me TwiceJanet McNaughtonGr. 7+
A Child in Prison CampTakashimaGr. 4+
Explosion at Dawson CreekElaine Breault HammondGr. 5+
Hawk and StretchBernice Thurman HunterGr. 4+
High Flight: A Story of World War IILinda Granfield
Hockeybat HarrisGeoffrey BilsonGr. 5+
Just Like NewAinslie Manson & Karen ReczuchGr. 1-3
Listen to the SingingJean LittleGr. 4+
Naomi's RoadJoy KogawaGr. 4+
The Old Brown Suitcase: A Teenager's Story of War and PeaceLillian Boraks-NemetzGr. 6+
One More Border:The True Story of One Family's Escape from War-torn EuropeShelly TanakaGr. 4+
Ships of the Great DaysJoseph SchullGr. 5+
Six War YearsBarry BroadfootGr. 8+
The Sky Is Falling
Looking at the Moon
The Lights Go On Again
Kit PearsonGR. 4+
Years of Sorrow, Years of ShameBarry BroadfootGr. 8+


Canada Votes: How We Elect Our GovernmentLinda Granfield
The Kids Book of Candian Prime Ministers
from MacDonald to Chretien
Pat HancockGr. 3+
Parliament, Canada's Democracy and How it WorksMaureen McTeer
Sandy Mackenzie, Why Look So Glum?
poems on each prime minister from MacDonald to Clark


A Hill for LookingMartha BrooksGr. 5+
The Night Hazel Came to TownJohn IbbitsonGr. 7+
One Proud SummerMarsha Hewitt & Claire MackayGr. 6+
Pegeen and the PilgrimLyn CookGr. 4+
The RailroaderBernice Thurman HunterGr. 4+
Terry Fox: His StoryLeslie ScrivenerGr. 6+
The Treasure of the Long SaultMonica HughesGr. 6+
The Value of Facing a Challenge: The Story of Terry FoxAnne Donnegan JohnsonGr. 2-4
The Value of Tenacity: The Story of Maurice RichardAnne Donnegan JohnsonGr. 2-4


Canada A Country by ConsentCD ROMAll Ages
Canada and Her StoryMary Graham Bonner
The Canadian StoryMay McNeer & Lynd WardGr. 3+
Famous Canadian StoriesGeorge E. TaitGr. 5+
Finding New Homes in CanadaEdwin C. Guillet & Jessie E. McEwenGr. 3+
The Great AdventureDonalda DickieGr. 4+
Great Canadian Lives: Portraits in Heroism to 1867Karen FordGr. 3+
Larger than LifeJanet LunnGr. 4+
My First History of CanadaDonalda DickieGr. 4+
O Canada! Isabel BarclayGr. 3+
One DominionGeorge E. Tait
Pages from Canada's StoryDonalda DickieGr. 4+
A Picture Gallery of Canadian History (3 Vols.)C. W. JeffreysAll Ages
A Picture History of CanadaClarke HuttonGr. 3+
The Story of CanadaJanet LunnGr. 5+
The Story of CanadaGeorge W. BrownGr. 5+
Young CanadaAnne Merriman Peck


The All Canadian Trivia Junior Board Game
Gr. 4+
Brain Quest CanadaLinda Granfield & Pat HancockGr. 4+
Canada: Portraits of FaithMichael ClarkeGr. 6+
Canada's Maple Leaf: The Story of Our FlagOwens & YeallandGr. 3+
Forts of CanadaOwens & YeallandGr. 3+
Her Story: Women From Canada's PastSusan E. MerrittGr. 6+
Her Story II:Women From Canada's PastSusan E. MerrittGr. 6+

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